Art discipline: 
LEFT WINTER is a composer of electronic, cinematic sounds. With work composed of field recordings, analogue and virtual orchestral components and sound design, LEFT WINTER is inspired by the stories of people and places, both real and imagined, producing journeys of sound that take listeners with them. German influences take presence in the form of bells, crossing signals, open spaces and the deep sounds of stationary, heavy trains. With sweeping melodies, thick drones, orchestral parts and unexpected glitches, his music tells the stories behind autobiographical, factual and fictional concepts. LEFT WINTER’s practice also combines visual work; monochrome photography, print, physical and moving image pieces; minimalist and sparse, these function alongside and support his compositions. His performances explore captured sounds evolving live in a public / exhibition space, with visual works being naturally drawn to electronic sounds and their links with communication and science.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Cornerhouse Manchester ‘Internegative 1-5’ (Solo exhibition)
Manchester Art Gallery, Photography Mentor
Berlin (in progress) with No Such Thing Records Manchester