Art discipline: 
born in France in 1973
Bachalor degree Lycée Jean-Monnet Montpellier (France) - Philosophy / Arts & Art History options
1991- 1993
Superior Study at «Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts» (Toulouse, France)
Art & communication option - Graphic design - Video - Art History
1993 - 1994
Superior Study at Royal «BEAUX-ARTS» Academy (Brussels, Belgium)
Advertising option - Art -Graphic desing - Photography - Art History
2003 - 2004
Professional Dance Training in CREPS Montpellier (France)
Graduate Dance Teacher’s State Degree (Modern-Jazz option)

Current Professional Activity:
SINCE 2004
-Artistic Director, Choreographer, Performer in Puls’art Dance Company (Montpellier, France)

SINCE 2007
- Modern Jazz & Contemporary Dance Instructor
at Studios Wladimir Skouratoff (Montpellier, France)
Dance classes for teens and adults, intermediate-advanced level, intensive contemporary training to high level classical dancers from the “Jeune Ballet de Montpellier Hérault”
- Contemporary Dance instructor in Internationnal Master-classes
- “Body through Canevas” GAP IV Venice 2016 (Italy)
- Organic Dance Workshop in Senegal - AFRICA 2017
- Open Contemporary Masterclass - Riga / LATVIA 2018

'Aire' - work in progress: © Puls'art
DANCE & PHOTOGRAPHY with Corinna Rosteck
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Creating, Staging and Performing many shows including:
- “Path Plasticity” performance with 4 dancers, mixing Dance and Poetry about refugees, during Global Art Project exhibition “Crossing Borders” in Gent, Belgium, August 2019
- “Augmented Organic Reality” performance for 7 dancers with video-projection from Berliner artist Corinna Rosteck, at Kulturkirche Nicodemus in Berlin during her exhibition “Riven In Time” 48HNEUKOLLN Festival, June 19
- “Angelus Novus” A dance-theatre show with 12 dancers and actors. Performed two times in Berlin for 48HNEUKOLLN Festival, June 19
- “3POEMS” Collaborative Art Performance, with 7 dancers, blending Dance, Poetry and Audio-Visual creation, with “Global Art Project” artists during “Rythmes et Formes du Monde” Festival in Senegal / Africa, December 18
- “Art of Superposition” performance with 5 dancers in Art-Refuge Gallery in Riga (Latvia), April 2018
- “Alienation”, dance-theater production with 7 dancers, played in 2017 in Montpellier (France) and Toubab Dialaw (Senegal).
- “Eau dich” performance with 2 dancers and 2000 plastic bags, played for BITTERES WASSER exhibition’s opening in Berlin (Germany), July 2016 - “One”, dance-theater production with 10 dancers, played in 2014 and 2015 in Montpellier (France).
- “Yura Yura feat. Melanie Macha” (Hands label) Lives of electronic music with dance performances and video projections: Noxious Art Festival in Paris (2010), “Liaisons Dangereuses” in Poland (2012).

Awards / Prizes : 
The choreographic writing of Macha Mélanie Bastide is nourished by her performative experiences, she is inspired by the present time, by the lived time. Liking to let herself be transformed by the contacts of others, she multiplies international artistic collaborations (Germany, Italy, Senegal). The artists share a human, artistic and collective experience whose common thread is the body. They collaborate and multiply the experiences for the realization of Performances and Living Shows.