Art discipline: 
Magdalena Lermer is an Austrian actress and dancer, based in Berlin. She graduated from Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Deutschland. As an actress she worked among others with Peter Raffalt (DER KICK, Burgtheater Vienna), Jörg Pohl (BESIEGT AM FELD DES LEBENS, Thalia Theater Hamburg) and Jürgen Flimm (GEFÄHRLICHE LIEBSCHAFTEN, St. Pauli Theater Hamburg); as a dancer with Daniela Mühlbauer (NIMM MICH MIT, Burgtheater Vienna) and José Vidal (RITO DE PRIMAVERA, Kampnagel Hamburg). In her work, her main interest is directed at language in its various forms - the language of movement, the language of images, the language of the spoken and the written word - and at how these enable us to build a framework for an expression of human emotion.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
St Pauli Theater Hamburg
Gefährliche Liebschaften, Azolan, R: Jürgen Flimm
Thalia Theater Hamburg
Besiegt am Feld des Lebens, Mascha, R: Jörg Pohl
Kampnagel Hamburg
Rito de Primavera/Frühlingsopfer, Tänzerin, R: José Vidal
Awards / Prizes : 
2019 ENSEMBLEPREIS/Schauspielschultreffen mit "Besiegt am Feld des Lebens" (R: Jörg Pohl, Thalia Theater)