Art discipline: 
Covini (born 1960 in Germany) has always understood work on art as fundamental work on knowledge. Participation in exhibitions since 2000. Always on the side, because the production of explicitly artistic works was important to her, but not the motivation for her work. So she worked for a long time as a television journalist in Switzerland.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2022 OCSN Gallery, Mexico City - New Horns are blowing with the Wind
TNVP, hyphen journal, CREAM, Westminster Universtity, London
El Eco, La danza de la Consciencia Crepuscular de Gabriel Santamarina
Vestuario; Mexico City
2021 IIPPE Conference 2021, London
La Galeria. Panajachel, Guatemala
2020 Hyphen Colloquim, Westminster University, London
Baupres Gallery, Mazatlan, Mexico
Miami New Media Festival, Miami, USA
2019 51zero Festival Canterbury; England
Bienal Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brasil
Salon, Museo Tamayo, CDMX, Mexico