Art discipline: 
"Maria Kossak is a German multimedia and performance artist of Polish descent. She was born in Warsaw, behind the iron curtain, into an aristocratic family of artists and writers. Due to the oppressive political climate and her family’s subsequent emigration she found herself in West Berlin during the late Cold War period. Throughout the 1980s the divided city of Berlin became her childhood playground.Life in Berlin shaped not only her personal but also her artistic identity. Following family inclination, Kossak studied visual and performance art and graduated from the city’s Academy of Fine Arts (UdK) with special honors.
Kossak explores aspects of personal and collective iconography. She is interested in modes of iconographic representation and the influences of Eastern and Western mythology on popular culture. These metaphors of collective and personal longing are often transformed by her performative work and frequently re-framed through digital media, especially elevating the aspect of time and trace."

Dr. Joanna Kiliszek, curator of the show.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Maria Kossak’s art has been exhibited within and outside of Europe and is represented in international collections.