Art discipline: 
I was born in 1982 in East Siberia.
I received a degree in Linguistics from the Irkutsk State Linguistic University. The science of language and semiotics reveal themselves in my artistic practice to date.
I studied Fine Arts at the Burg Giebiechenstein Academy, Halle, and at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin.

I combine sculptural elements with movement and sound in my current practice, creating performances and installations for open-air spaces and for the stage.

Communication and the ways to understand others are the most relevant topics in my work at present.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
"Trisektrix. Am Ufer"/ "Trisektrix. On the shore", Tanzfilm, Berlin, Mai 2020

"Thin Thread", artistic action in 4 parts, realized in Athens and on the islands Milos and Terschelling, 2017