Art discipline: 
Born in 1960 in San Nicolás (Argentina)
1987-1990 lived in Barcelona, 1991-2000 lived in London, since 2000 lives in Berlin
-1995-2000 The University of Birmingham (UK), PhD in Electroacoustic Music
-1994-1995 The University of Birmingham (UK), Master Degree in Electroacoustic Music
-1986-1989 Phonos Laboratory / Pompeu i Fabra University (Barcelona), Studies of Music Technology and Sound Recording Techniques
-1982-1985 School of Music of the University of Rosario (Argentina)
-1978-1982 University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires
Bachelor´s Degree in Information Technology.
Additional studies:
2002 Goldmiths´ College, London, MAX-MSP summer course
-1999 Music Theater Workshop at the Theater Royal Stratford East, London.
-1998 ICPCC98 (International Course for Professional Composers and Choreographers)
-2019 artist-in-residence, Q21 MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
-2017 guest composer at the Electroacoustic Music Studios of the Academy of the Arts Berlin
-2004 guest composer at the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Technologie), Karlsruhe
-2001 guest composer at the Electroacoustic Music Studios of the Cuenca Music Conservatory (Spain)
-2001 composer-in-residence at Césaré studio de création musicale, Reims, France -2000-2001 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) grant for the Berliner künstler-programm
-1997 Composer-in-residence at La Muse en Circuit Studios, Paris
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Concerts/Performances/Installations (selecction from 2010)
2019 sound installation in the Tonspur Passage at the MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
2018 EM4 Berliner Studios für elektroakustische Musik, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
2017 Kontakte´17 Biennal for electroacoustic music and sound art, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
2017 Carillon Festival Berlin, Works for carillon and Electronic music, HKW, Berlin
2016 mikromusik festival berlina the St. Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin
2015 Césare Centre de Creation Musicale, Reims, France
2015 Donaueschinger Musiktage, Germany
2015 Ankunft Neue Musik Festival, Berlin
2015 International Poetry Festival, Berlin
2014 Festival Mixtur Electronic Music, Barcelona
2013 Hipersonica File Festival, San Pablo, Brazil
2010 Zukunftsmusik Festival, Backnang, Germany
2010 Multiphonies INA-GRM, Paris
2010 Inventionen Festival, Berlin

Awards / Prizes : 
2012 unlike-untold second prize in the 9th MUSICACOUSTICA- BEIJING Competition of Electronic Sound Composition
2010 Street Markets Remixed nominated to the International Prix Bohemia Radio 2010
2005 Prize in the „Kompositionswettbewerb Geräusch des Monats“ DeutschlandRadio Kultur Berlin
2004 Prize in the European Bell Days Commission Competition (ZKM, Karlsruhe)
1997 Honorary Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica, Linz