Art discipline: 
MOVEMENT UNLIMITED is an artistic concept to connect all imaginable and nonimaginable possibilities of expression and research without any limitations. It is about not only having an idea, but also about living the idea and seeing where it takes you-it is art, to simply be doing is a concept to create creative spaces that are accessible for everyone without intimidation or prestige.

A question that constantly accompanies me in my creations is:
How to make art more integrative and interactive?

...surpassing your personal boundaries and never limiting yourself by thinking that you cannot do something. Led by curiosity, without any specific goal...Illogically, irrationally, inconsequentially...

Not imaginable because only the future knows what's coming. Furthermore there is never only one path of self-expression, different desires need different channels.

Besides many other ideas and intentions behind MOVEMENT UNLIMITED, my main goal is to inspire people to let go and live their deepest fantasies. To create a life for themselves where they can experience them, free from any judgement or obligations. I want to create spaces that are accessible for everyone without limitations, intimidation or elitist requirements.

I am excited at the chance to share with you my values, my thoughts and especially my personal source of creating integrative and unlimited spaces and I feel invited to do so in the most authentic way.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 

What happens if...You have to move blindfolded?
How does your movement change?
What do you perceive?
What do you learn about yourself as a person?
How can you translate this into life?
Where do you take your inspiration from?
Who are you if there is nothing left?
How can you find stillness in movement?

The assumption that the other senses get better when one sense fails is not entirely correct. But when you take one sense you focus more on the existing perceptions.
This project is especially dedicated to the importance of the visual and the attitude towards blindness in our society.


A shift of how we look on a naked body, creating comfort in its naked form by becoming completely indulged in all senses...naked no longer. The endless fascination of bodies, structures, forms, states and how we perceive.

"As I sat in the mud on my knees in the rain... have you ever recognized the change of the form, from dry dust to almost fluid slurry, the sound when you're stepping on it, the smell, the feeling on your skin, the colour- yes even the taste of it. Focused on a fixed point, structures moving, transforming, blurring..."

This project especially thematizes the topic of bodyshaming… the losing of emotions and sensations…the constant seek for more...while actually feeling more and more burned out and inwardly empty...

This is a reminder to back when we were kids...