Art discipline: 
Paloma Schnitzer's work is based on her interest in revising the images that surround everyday life, focusing on the relationship between devices, their functioning in societies and the traces they leave.

Repetition, slow motion, analog and digital aberrations appear in her videos, often displayed on obsolete monitors surrounded by found objects. Mistakes are not only a recurring topic in her work but also an incident that is incorporated to the process as a new material.

Her video sculpture "City Loop" depicts a viral video of a robot-weapon walking on ruins and a building under construction from dawn to dusk. By emphasising certain points of the image in a composition of monitors, bricks and debris, the piece inquires into the fate of cities and the vicious cycle "destruction-construction".

She is interested in paying attention to what in an oversight might be taken for granted. Whether collecting images from surveillance cameras, the Internet or processing the reflection of light bathing in urban materials, her work seeks to intertwine the mechanical and the organic, the tangible and the immaterial.

She is exploring the possibilities of intervening public spaces and nightclubs as an alternative context for exhibiting art.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Exhibitions / screenings (selection)
2019 – Hangar, “Paratext n.40”, Barcelona, Spain.
2019 – Falk30, “Contemporary Connections”, Berlín, Germany.
2019 – Flutgraben, “OPEN/OCCUPY”, Berlín, Germany.
2019 – Lite-Haus Gallerie, “Future III”, Berlín, Germany.
2019 – Modular Space, “Automaton”, Berlín, Germany.
2019 – Espacio 911, “Roce”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 – Weserhalle, “Speculation”, Berlín, Germany.
2018 – Alte Saline Hallein, “Schmiede–No plan”, Hallein, Austria.
2018 – Maloj Sceni Hrvatskog, "free_art_-_glitch", Karlovac, Croatia.
2018 – Gallery Siva, “fu:bar”, Sagrev, Croatia.
2018 – The Exchange Gallery, “Experimental Video Show”, Pennsylvania, EE.UU.
2018 – Loophole Berlín, “Joseph Joseph”, Berlín, Germany.
2017 – Greenhouse, “There Ain’t No Future”, Berlín, Germany.
2016 – BA Photo, “Oscilante”, Bs.As., Argentina.
2016 – Zona Temporalmente Autónoma, “Be Water” Bs.As., Argentina.
2013 – Faena Arts Center, “Fundación Varioletto”, Bs.As., Argentina.
2011 – Festival FASE, Bs.As. Argentina.
2011 – Tecnópolis, Bs.As., Argentina.
Awards / Prizes : 
*Film selected as part of the “Labour in a single shot” , by Harun Farocki & Antje Ehmann.
2017 – CAC, “Labour in a Single Shot”, Vilnius, Lithuania. *
2016 – Fundació Antoni Tàpies, “Harun Farocki. Empatia”, Barcelona, España. *
2015 – Venice Biennale, “ All the World’s Future”, Venice, Italiy. *
2015 – HKW ,“Labour In a Single Shot”, Berlin, Germany.
2013 – "Best Trailer", Alternativa Teatral (Argentina).

2019 - Hangar, Barcelona
2018 – Schmiede, Hallein, Austria.