Art discipline: 
I was born in the andean region of Ecuador where my trajectory in plastic arts started at a very early age as also my musical inclinations did. I went to Cuba where my studies in cinema threw me into photography. I also became a physician during my time in the Isle. Currently I am based in Berlin. The opportunity to have been experiencing the differences between Latinamerica and Europe gave my installative works a wider perspective that affected all my spheres of expression (music, photgraphy, cimematography and literatur) and creates a stronger intimacy with my environment.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
_2019. Geographies of singularity. Photography and acoustic installation.
Crystal Palace-Guayaquil-Ecuador.
Curator: Ana Rosa Valdez.
_2017. “The Andean Dream“ Solo Exhibition/Installation.
SKLIF Gallery. Moscow-Russia.
Curator: Natalja Kuznetsova

_468 by Patagonia. Official music Video. 2020. Moscow-Russia.
_The sickness of the culture. Documentary film. 2019. Ecuador
_I-D by David Seinz. Official music video. 2019. München-Germany
_Der Blick. Short film B/N 2015. Berlin-Germany