Art discipline: 
The name Popticum is derived from the term ´pop´ like pop-up/ popular and ´panopticon´ as a philosophical and architectural concept of social voyeurism and emancipation thereof. We create ad-hoc interventions that celebrate the possibilities of appropriating spaces. We use an architectural language that is accessible and can be implemented without a great deal of planning and administrative effort. This approach aims to make participation easy and break down boundaries. We organize workshops, concerts and performances in unusual places with a variety of different actors.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Berlin Art Week, Ufer Studios 2019 13.-14.9.2019 / Berlin, Germany
residency at Les Grand Voisins June - Aug. 2019 / Paris, France
The Maia Biennial of Contemporary Art ’19 11.5. - 27.7. 2019 / Maia, Portugal
Chaos Communication Congress 35C3 27.-30. December 2018 / Leipzig, Germany
180° Festival 21.- 27. July 2018 / Sofia, Bulgaria
A Maze 24. - 29.04.2018 / Urban Spree Berlin
ARTISTANIA 05.06.2016 / Artistania, Berlin
Popticum Lisboa 12.09.2015 / Lisbon
Inflatable Camera Obscura 18.-20.03.2015 / Copenhagen
Platzangst 10.06.2014 / Berlin