Art discipline: 
I am chasing the intangible.

Much of my work is strongly based in materials and physical process, but the ideas i explore are often the opposite - drawn to the hard-to-define, paradoxical, liminal, and attempting to express sensations around such physically elusive ‘substances’ as memory and time.

Fascinated by science, I integrate my original studies in Physics into my creative practice, especially quantum observer theory. this leads to an inherently experimental material language to articulate the passage of time, slippage across worlds, between past and future, light and shadow, visceral and ethereal…
Past projects have used corroded and ‘past-life’ metal, fragmented and re-fused glass, slow exposure night photography, shadow projection, light and sound installations.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2020 ‘lightfall’ Installation, Plas Bodfa group show ‘unus multorum’
2019 ‘slowtime’ Commission, Pontio Arts & Innovation Centre, Bangor North Wales: ​art-science collaboration/ residency under the Synthesis programme at Bangor University
2018 ‘solar system eryri’ Public Art Commission, Snowdonia National Park: series of sculptures
2018 ‘continuum II’ Public Art Commission, Menai Science Park, Anglesey: Sculpture
2017 ‘dark heart of cepheus’ Commission, ‘Sanctuary Lab’ Scotland: constellation inspired installation/ land art
2017 Tanio Ignite Residency, Menai Science Park, Anglesey: ​creative investigation into construction waste
2014 ‘future fossil’ Public Art Commission, 7 Bridges Regeneration Project, London: Sculpture
2010 ‘junk brain’ Residency, Sound Minds project, Bolton: ​sculpture co-created in a school setting 2007 Residency @ Crest Reclaim, Wales: various pieces showcasing material re-use