Art discipline: 
My three physical focuses are Classical Ballet, Butoh and pedestrian movement.

Classical Ballet, which I have trained in since the age of five (over 15 years) is focused on a formalised sequence of movements that are refined over a career. It is Apollonian in that it utilizes symmetry to express order and clarity. It aims to defy gravity with its high legs, turns, jumps and partner lifts.

Butoh, in which I have been training over the past ten years, has no definitive
training methodology. It is instead, a lineage and philosophy passed down over generations of practice. It adapts to its times and place as a tool for expression. It is Dionysian by nature in that it uses asymmetrical and contorted movement pathways to express the inherent chaos of the psyche of an individual and/or society.

Pedestrian movement consists of daily movements throughout space to care for our own bodies and the bodies around us - walking, dressing, undressing, brushing hair and teeth. Within these daily physical activities lay infinite new possibilities of movement pathways and unlimited potentialities to refine and elevate a given action into artistic expression.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
I have performed her collaborative work in Berlins most infamous night clubs and queer parties including; Tresor, KitKat Club, Suicide Cirucus, Night Embassy, Maze Club, TrashEra at Wilde Renate and Else Club, KaKe Club, as well as Theatres venues such as Ackerstadt Palast Theatre, with Amalgam Solo Festival. I performed two seasons of 'Body Play' with Chaim Gebber Open Scene at Pfefferberg Theater and is currently rehearsing with them on M.O.S.T (My Ongoing Silent Transcendence). I performed over July, to October in Overmorrow at Wilde Renate in collaboration with Leisa Prowd, Valerie Renay and Ana Bathe.