Art discipline: 
Iana Pitenko (b. 1984) is an independent curator based in Berlin and St. Petersburg. The central topic of her curatorial research is critical analysis of contemporary issues of both personal and societal relevance. With her projects, she constantly seeks to forge a personal space for the artistic dialog bringing varied works and practices into conversation with each other. The questions that arise from each project feed into the next, opening up onto more questions, never providing concrete answers, but rather creating new topics for consideration. Since 2018, she has carried out an ongoing artistic research concerning the topic of love and emotionally.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Independent projects: “Fragile Depths”, FFTN Space, St.Petersburg, 2020; “Aura Cracks”, FFTN Space, St.Petersburg, 2019; “IM/MATERIAL”, PlusDEDE, Berlin, 2018/2019; “LOVELESSNESS”, Catacombs of Petrikirche, St. Petersburg, 2018; “So Close, So Far”, Taiga Space, St. Petersburg, 2017. She also worked for projects initiated by such cultural organizations as CEC Artslink and Goethe Institute St. Petersburg.