Art discipline: 
Yev Kazannik - Evgeniy Kazannik is an experimental photographer currently based in Berlin. He studied photography at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) and worked as a commercial photographer for over 15 years, with work published in the Guardian, Wire, Wax Poetics, NME, XLR8R, Electronic Beats and others. He moved away from working with traditional camera techniques in 2019 and started developing a analogue cameraless process that combines Lumen Printing and Photogram among others. His work engages with themes of time and timelessness, light, and the human mind and its constructions. His work has been exhibited internationally and is a part of private and museum collections.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Selected solo shows _

2010 “Selected Works” Stroud Green Library, London
2007 “46sm closer to heaven” The Very Good Room, London
2006 “Heroes Now”, DC, Kaliningrad
2005 “Plastic People” The Lincoln Lounge, London
2003 “The Sky of London”, Kiberda, Kaliningrad, Russia

Selected group shows _

2022 Cluster Photography and Print,
Oxo Tower, London
2021 Will We Ever Know The Meaning Of Objects
Gallery46, London
2021 Apocalypse Biennale, Studio d’Arte Claudia Coròthroughout, Venice
2020 AOP Open, AOP, London
2020 “In between” Kaliningrad Festival of Photography and Media-Art ФотON, Vorota, Kaliningrad
2017 “The Hedge” Green Lens Studios, London
2013 “Fuck Christmas”, Hoxton Gallery, London
2011 "Семь Я. Портрет - Автопортрет" House of Nationals, Moscow
2010 “Krains” Green Lens Studios, London
2009 “Razz My Berries” Art out of a Gallery, London
2009 “Luxury Goods - The Value of Art”, Courtyard Theatre, London
2008 PORTPHOLIO, AOP, London
2007 “Mini Print 2007”, ARTLINK, Center for Community Arts, Hull
2006 Final Year Show, Professional Photography Practice, LCC, University of the Arts London
2005 Final Year Show, Professional Photography Practice, LCC, University of the Arts London
2004 “The Art instead of Photography”, The Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
2003 Photomania, The Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
2001 “Russian Youth”, National Gallery of Art, Rostov