Art discipline: 
He uses the joke and absurdity to tackle the topic of everyday politic, vulnerability of human condition, construction of identity. The methods of reflection, intervention and resistance become the basis of his practice to explore different relationships between individuals, images, machines, and different identities thus to question the reality we are living in.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Solo shows
2019 BAD LOVER , Plate space, Beijing, China

Group shows
2020 Strawman, Shanghai
2020 Hopscotch, Shanghai
2019 I no longer feel at home at home, BACA Art Center, Beijing
2019 Beyond the absence, Qilas, Ecuador
2019 Floating Horizon, Scaffolding Gallery, Changsha, China
2018 Breathe in a white cube, FLow @Raven row, London
2018 A piece of red fabric, Centre de la Gravure, Belgium
2018 Becoming, csm graduate show 1, London
2018 Beyond the absence ,DKF Sprzątanie Kina Nocą ,Poland
2018 Studio Complex / Tate exchange, Tate Modern, London
2017 Everyone lives in a tower , SU gallery, Chelsea college of art , London
2017 Into the Wild. Postgraduate art auction 2017. Lethaby Gallery. London
2017 Floating Horizon. Somehow you and I collide. Mangle, space. London
2016 Circular Underground, Beijing

Art festival
2019 Do you want to leave with me?UP-ON international live art festival, Chengdu