Anneke Frank, Das goldene Zeitalter der Schwarmintelligenz, Zonoteka, Foto: Ralf Deves
Christian Pilz, Explosionsartige Ausdehnung und Auflistung architektonischer Strukturen, Umspannwerk, Foto: Martin Steffens
Claudia von Funcke, Kippbilder, Umspannwerk, Foto: Tanja Schnitzler
Frederik Foert, The Lions Sleep Tonight, Rathausvorplatz, Foto: Ralf Deves
Inna Levinson, In your face, Galerie Weserhalle, Foto: Ralf Deves
Jennis Cheng Tien Li, Momenta, Passage, Foto: Ralf Deves
Karl-Marx-Platz, Foto: Tanja Schnitzler
Lisa Bäscher, Black Drop, Umspannwerk, Foto: Tanja Schnitzler
riXXperiment, Abgedeckt, Richardplatz, Foto: Ralf Deves
Werner Keller, Silent Piece, Umspannwerk, Foto: Martin Steffens
Yam Shalev, Studio Yam Shalev, Galerie Im grünen Bereich, Foto: Ralf Deves


Collapse-Ausstellungsfilm, Video: Thorsten Schlenger
  • Our Mission Statement

    48 Stunden Neukölln is a forum for projects in all conceivable artistic disciplines found in the art scene in Berlin. The festival both presents and supports art, thereby contributing to  discussions of ideas effecting society at large while also reflecting said society. All segments of the local population get involved, regardless of age, ethnic background or  social standing. Art here is something more than what's on view in galleries and museums during 48 Stunden. The festival brings not only a variety of disciplines, but also people together, as they view art which relays important ideas.

  • Application phase starts

    Dear participants*, as you all know, the situation for cultural events is very confusing due to the pandemic situation. All the more reason for us to make every effort to plan ahead and realistically. We currently assume that the 48 Hours of Neukölln can take place as a hybrid festival next year.

    The application phase runs from 09.12. to 07.02.2021.

    We are looking forward to your exciting and diverse ideas.

    The team of the 48 HOURS NEUKÖLLN

  • Declaration of the many

    Art creates a space to change the world. As activists of the cultural landscape in Germany, we are not above things, but on a ground from which the greatest state crimes in human history were committed. In this country, art was once defamed as degenerate and culture was abused for propaganda purposes all over the country. Millions of people were murdered or went into exile, among them many artists.