The program of the 48h Novosibirsk, taking place from October 17 to 19, is fixed: And the 48h Neukölln are also part of it: In the exhibition Luft/Air at ZK19, eight selected positions of this year's program will be shown and interpreted in different ways: as essence of our existence, medium of our perception, boundless space, divine breath or scene of ecological catastrophes. The group exhibition at ZK19 shows selected video works, photographs, installations and interventions and offers visitors a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary view of the subject of air. Artists: Philipp Hahn - Hoffmann& Skakun - Hanna Komornitzyk/Janosch Becker/Maria Mirsayafova - Sina Niemeyer - Salah Saouli - Kollektiv Trial and Theresa - Franca Wohlt - Hannah Wardle/Alec Shepley/Rachel Rosen. In addition, on large outdoor screens Novosibirsk city residents can watch the video stream performance Vitrine Vivante by the Berlin collective Jonajavo (Yaskar aka Zazou, Kiki and Ramos Servik, Josephine Nahrstedt), as well as the performance Zoom by the collective Reflektor Neukölln together with tandem partner Ksyu. A bridge from Neukölln to Novosibirsk is built by the artists Kathrin Hammelstein, Wiebke Heiber, Lea Sophie Meier, Carolin Pflüger and Nadine Thoden (Kollektiv QUO Berlin) in collaboration with Oksana Budulak (Krasnoyarsk) with their tandem project Parachute(s) by showing art at different locations with QR codes on parachutes. We are very happy to be part of it and wish everyone an exciting time.