Festival Theme: Future III (Future Perfect Continuous Passive)

48 Stunden Neukölln will look far out into the future in 2019, to a point in time when our near future already belongs to the realm of history. Our festival theme this year Future III (Future Perfect Continuous Passive) creates a temporal axis. It refers to the paradox of a future, that is retrospectively judged and which can thus be anticipated and scried upon. Something of the hopes, expectations, and the demands of the present can thereby be expressed.

We are ensnared in complex conditions in the present, and we work within a status quo that seemingly has no alternative. We only recognize changes and developments in retrospect: the very effective construct of the causal chain of progress is reassuring if nothing else. Conversely, looking into the future is characterized by predictions which tell of danger and downfall.

We propose visionary arcs into a new era in an attempt to break through this paralysis with constructive artistic methods. We wish to examine, “how we will have been being in existence…” or “who we have been being”. 48 Stunden Neukölln will become a laboratory of the future with the help of the awkward grammatical structure – in German called “Futur III” – in English expressed among linguists as Future Perfect Continuous Passive. We set out in search of clues, holding out hope for artistic assessments of future consequences or bold new concepts. The Future Perfect Continuous Passive allows us to take a playfully thought out position, one that goes beyond naive wishful thinking and one-dimensional forecasts. The potential of thinking and working within the Future Perfect Continuous Passive, is to re-conceptualize art from the other way around. We look forward to an art festival that will anticipate, and make clear for everyone, the consequences of future acts in both art and society at large. At the end of this edition of the festival we will have an idea of what obstacles must have been being overcome.

Future III goes back to an idea by the Neukölln artist Claudia Simon and includes many aspects of other proposals that were submitted.

Deadline for festival contributions is February 3rd 2019