What is that? Is it a booming explosion, a crashing collision, a thundering bang, a rolling hip-hop beat or a howling ghost?

The annual theme of Young Arts is loud and poetic and can be spun in many directions.

What is happening in the world right now? How do you perceive the world? People destroy nature. As a result, the climate is changing. Many people move to the cities … What do you get from it? What annoys you? It is not only the view of the whole world that is required.
What about your personal environment? Your neighborhood is changing. Your best friend is moving away. How does that feel?

Bum tschak bum bum buum. What is the rhythm of your life? Does your soundtrack have a hard beat or a soft melody?

Boo! Is that scary? Buhuuu! Don't despair - many people show that you can do something. What ideas do you have?

Show us. Write poems, mix a beat, make a film, build a new world or draw a comic and determine how the story ends. “Yallah”, let's go, let's start! Zack-Bumm.

The theme of the year is to invite children, adolescents and students in Neukölln to imaginative, playful, and critical discussions about the current changes in their environment.
It is based on the theme of the festival 48 Stunden Neukölln 2020: “Boom”.

It can be an impetus to participate as a youth institution or as a free project for the Young Arts Neukölln festival. Non-thematic applications are also possible and do not result in a disadvantage.
The theme should be an inspiration to collect results of projects with children and youngsters that are part of the Young Arts festival in the Donaustraße 42 from June 19th to June 26th 2020.