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On the Other Side

Lioba von den Driesch, Mariel Gottwick, Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier, Rosa Schmidt

Barrierefreier Zugang Barrierefreie Toilette
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 10:00–22:00
Four artists are developing a temporary, collaborative installation with video, performance and sound. The joint work is entitled "On the other side".
We let evolve an experimental reflection on the "silent side" of urban life, in which various intrinsic sounds of silence can be heard. In order to give visitors and ourselves the opportunity to hear the silence, we have chosen a sacred space for our work.

Drowned out by urban silence, wasps rebuild their destroyed nest. These completely different creatures have to deal with the same catastrophes as humans at a completely different point in time in their history. (Lioba von den Driesch)

Noise barriers divide up landscapes. This raises the question of loud and quiet landscapes, of loud and quiet urbanity, of the need to protect one side or the other. (Mariel Gottwick)

With the lockdown, silence moved into the city and made wild animals more visible. With the recordings of a wildlife camera in Berlin, the non-domesticated animal becomes a visible counterpart to humans. (Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier)

The breathing of the plants, unheard by humans, flows into an intermittent play of body movement, experimental swirls of scent and the sound of plant materials. A stream of rhythmic power of creation, of all-encompassing nature, visualizes intelligent processes of becoming and passing away. (Rosa Schmidt)

In the interplay of the various artistic perspectives, a sound that can be perceived with all the senses develops from the inaudible. This forms the multi-sensory space that leads the visitors to the secrets of urban silence.

Performance by Rosa Schmidt, on 28/06/24 from 8 pm and on 29/06/24 from 5 pm


Lioba von den Driesch, Mariel Gottwick, Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier, Rosa Schmidt

Lioba Von den Driesch
“My focus is on the human being in interaction with the environment, his movements in materiality.

Mariel Gottwick
"Perception blurs the boundaries between real experiences and media reality."

Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier
"Again and again, it is the dreamed that seeks its orientation in matter."

Rosa Schmidt
works in dialogue with various life forms, whose released energy becomes recognizable as the co-creator of all life.


Karl-Marx-Straße 201
12055 Berlin





Barrierefreier Zugang Barrierefreie Toilette