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Berlin Whispers

Katarzyna Badach. Alfredo Ramos Fernández. weRstories.

28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 12:00–20:00 30 June 2024 12:00–19:00
“Berlin Whispers” offers a glimpse of the hidden stories woven into the urban fabric as captured through the lenses of Berlin-based photographer Alfredo Ramos Fernández (Havana, 1964) and the brushes of painter Katarzyna Badach (Gdansk, 1975). These two artists, deeply rooted in their respective mediums, have dedicated decades to unraveling the poetry and contradictions embedded within the urban silence. For this occasion, they have teamed up with weRstories, a Lab for Art & Literature, in order to reveal in a playful, written form, the stories behind their works. Instead of relying on conventional, sterile exhibition texts, weRstories infuses life within the exhibition space through narrative texts, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction.
Ramos Fernández, drawing from his background as a geographer, uses photography to deconstruct and reinterpret urban reality. His lens skillfully captures the traces of human activity, revealing the gap between what societies aspire to and what they achieve. These material remnants of recent events delve into the disconnection between societal ideals and actions. In contrast, Badach engages in an appropriation of urban space through painting. In overlooked districts and forgotten corners of cities, her watercolors emerge from encounters with things commonly deemed unappealing. Her paintings explore how urban places, in paradoxical ways, blend remnants of nature with the human desire to create beauty, often in the form of imitations of nature itself. "Berlin Whispers" is an exciting exploration of the vibrant crossroads where art and literature meet, inspiring each other and celebrating the rich interplay of ideas and perspectives that flourish in cities like Berlin. "Berlin Whispers" argues that fiction can add a whole new dimension for the viewer. This creative dimension transcends mere theory, drawing you into the artwork and fostering a deeper level of engagement. Art and story as one.


Katarzyna Badach. Alfredo Ramos Fernández. weRstories.

weRstories is an Art & Literature Lab based in Berlin and an independent publishing house. It was founded in 2022 by Anna Garbus (Milan, 1987), a cultural journalist who works as an editor for writers and Berlin based artists. Her collaborator for this project is J. A. Menéndez-Conde (Guadalajara, 1984), a fiction writer who explores in his works the immigrant experience of neighborhood such as Neukölln.
Ramos Fernández (Havana, 1964) has dedicated two decades to his photographic work. He is represented, among others, in the collection of the Cuban Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.
Badach (Gdansk, 1975) received 2001 recognition as a master student under the guidance of Prof. Helmut Dorner. Her works can be found in collections such as Deutsche Bank and the Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe.


Innstrasse 32
12045 Berlin

Studio Badach - Ramos Fernández