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Nadine Schmid, Daniel Firsching, Linda Einhoff, John Paul Coss, Verena Brandt

23 June 2023 19:30–22:30 24 June 2023 12:00–12:45 24 June 2023 15:00–18:00 24 June 2023 18:00–18:45 24 June 2023 19:30–22:30 25 June 2023 12:00–12:45 25 June 2023 15:00–18:00
What do we have in common?
There is something we share with everyone we meet - a trait, an attitude, an experience - often without knowing it. The Connectionnaire traces these commonalities and makes them tangible and visible. It is a creative identity playground full of surprises that borrows its toys from science.

How do we find out?
In order to form connections between the festivalgoers, the Connectionaire uses the innate curiosity of humans and the instrument of the questionnaire. Questions and statistics beyond the rigid and separative standard categories of age, gender, education, origin, income etc. will emerge. Pairs and groups of people will be identified who resemble each other in dimensions that they themselves and their neighbours have chosen for each other.

What do we want to know about each other?
During the festival we invite you to our Connectionnaire laboratory*. In the lab, participants develop their own questionnaire for their group and for Neukölln. In the course of this experimental process they experience some of what they have in common.

Who am I and who is like me?
Questions on the walls of the exhibition space encourage a reflection on life, our own personality, and our connections with others. The answers create a colourful code that festival guests can use to find in the urban and digital space those who have answered in the same way they have.

What makes Neukölln tick?
Those who participate contribute to a statistical data set that evolves over the period of the festival. On the walls of the exhibition space, we show graphs that change and multiply and provide information about different characteristics and attitudes of the audience.

Who resembles whom?
The Connectionaire, not entirely unlike the mechanisms of online dating platforms, will find matches that may seem unlikely at first.

*appointment and knowledge of German language required 
*with registration:
Lab hours Fri+Sat 6pm, Sat+Sun 12pm


Nadine Schmid, Daniel Firsching, Linda Einhoff, John Paul Coss, Verena Brandt

The FÜNFZEHN collective works in different constellations depending on the project and always in an interdisciplinary way. "Connectionnaire" combines experiences from the fields of social research, dramaturgy, fine arts, photography, visual and interior design.


Weserstraße 15
12047 Berlin