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The Human's best Friend

Elena Bonometti

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00 – 30 June 2024 19:00
"The Human's Best Friend" is an artistic-sociological exploration of life in the city. The Berlin subway serves as a microcosm where nearly everything converges and becomes visible in a concentrated form for a moment. Each person lives in their own reality, of which one can only recognize the surface. The constant noise level of a subway ride is ignored by most people or at most perceived as unconscious background noise. Nevertheless, they are omnipresent: the sounds of the journey, the ringing of cell phones, the clinking of a cup from a begging person, the announcements of stops, the shuffling of shoes on the rough ground. Complete silence is not found here. The only existing silence is found between people: the resigned, distant silence of the urban populace towards each other. It creates anonymity where there is no 'we', only an 'I and the others'. Nonetheless, sounds can reveal individual characteristics or life circumstances of a person: poverty, dependency, aggressiveness, openness, weariness. Many urban residents long for a peace and quiet from the noise, the constant chatter, the subway musician here or the beggar there. However, this silence, this invisibility is a problem for other people in the city. The homeless are overlooked and pushed out of gentrified neighborhoods. Seniors suffer from loneliness and often have no one to talk to. Even among young people, communication largely occurs online rather than face to face. The animated short film addresses these issues in a caricatured and surreal manner. Instead of depicting reality, it presents a subjective perception where the boundaries between daydream, fantasy, and real observations are deliberately blurred.


Elena Bonometti

Elena Bonometti is from Berlin and is studying Fine Arts at the UdK Berlin. In her art, she currently engages with social and socio-philosophical questions from a subjective perspective. What is authenticity and does it even exist? How does dependency manifest in everyday life and how do we confront it in an anonymized, routine urban existence? What impact does an increasingly digital environment have on our societal interactions? Alongside painting, photography, and sculpture, she primarily works with three-dimensional animation films.


Weserstraße 50
12047 Berlin

Gelegenheiten E.v


Barrierefreier Zugang