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Susanne Uitz

29 June 2024 10:00 – 30 June 2024 18:00
In the exhibition "Printed.Visions," Susanne Uitz presents a variety of works that engage with the mediums of printing and illustration. She experiments with different techniques, thus showcasing her own vision of the printed medium. Through various forms of representation, the artist often appears in the works herself. There is a play with the tension between self-presentation and self-critique, as well as with the personal perspective on life situations of a young person in Berlin.


Susanne Uitz

Susanne Uitz, a young artist from Berlin, studied European Ethnology at Humboldt University in Berlin. Starting October 2024, she will pursue Communication Design at HTW Berlin. Her aim is to merge her creativity with socially relevant themes and work critically on societal issues. She strives to visually depict complex societal phenomena with a critical eye, aiming to enhance their comprehensibility and relevance.


Hertzbergstraße 14
12055 Berlin

Café Alma