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Sanaa Goldie

28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 12:00–23:30 30 June 2024 12:00–19:00
The art series GUILTY OF ALL PLEASURES delves into the theme of femininity in all its facets – its gentleness, resilience, and imperfection, but also the feeling of shame that often remains hidden yet are so strongly present.
Shame for sensitivity
Shame for imperfections
Shame for sexuality
Shame for the body
Shame for thoughts
Shame for personal decisions
Yet the deepest shame often arises from sexual assaults and abuse. In her works, Sanaa paints the figures naked, raw, and with imperfect brushstrokes to emphasize their authenticity. The lemon here is the key symbol, representing femininity in its fragile yet strong essence.
By telling her personal story, hoping to inspire other women to openly address their experiences. Unconsented sex happens far too often, and the question that‘s always asked: "But why didn't you say no?" Well, we did! But the pressure and nagging of some 'blue balled' men make the decision to open your legs for five minutes almost too convenient, but leaves a very bitter aftertaste. Countless women experience it... but men prefer to turn it around (pun intended). Regardless of the reason for letting it happen, the question should always and exclusively be: 'Why didn't they stop?'
In the context of 'Urban Silence', Sanaa found the topic relevant due to the persistent feelings of guilt and shame that many people carry within themselves after sexual abuse.
Urban life, always buzzing and bustling. In cities that never seem to sleep, sexual assaults and rapes happen behind closed doors, but also publicly... in silence. The deafening (or deadly) silence that causes too much shame, to the point of normalization.


Sanaa Goldie

Born and raised in Cologne, later studied Fashion Design in Barcelona, Spain. she now dedicates herself to the arts.
Currently, Goldie is heavily engaged in the topic of femininity and what it means in our society to be "too sensitive." In the series 'Guilty of all pleasures,' it primarily deals with the feeling: shame. Triggered by the wounds of sexual violence and assaults, which often run deeper and go unnoticed more than one would like.

Recently spend some weeks in Medellin, Colombia for an art residency with the Bunker Gallery, she is now back to Berlin to show her works during the 48 Studen NK.


Rixdorfer Getränke
Karl-Marx-Platz 24
12043 Berlin

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