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The Unkraut Kollektiv

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The Unkraut Kollektiv

Dreiländereck Landwehrkanal Sportbootanleger Kreuzberg
10999 Berlin

+49 1523 7873390
The Unkraut Kollektiv e.V. is a Berlin based collective and non- profit organisation that was born from the Unkraut, an up-cycled ship powered by eco-friendly energy. We're all about harnessing the cultural diversity of Berlin and transforming the Spree River and Berliner Canals into vibrant spaces of expression. Unkraut translates to "weeds", a symbol of our vision in embracing diversity, resilience and thriving in unconventional environments. Our venue is our boat, however we also have the capacity and often dock at various places that are connected to the water and use the immediate surrounding as an extension of our boat.

Events in this venue