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Muros permeables

Künstlerkollektive guadalajara90210, Mexico City, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles und HilbertRaum, Berlin

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28 June 2024 19:00–23:00 29 June 2024 14:00–22:00 30 June 2024 14:00–19:00
The term 'urban silence' almost sounds paradoxical, since the constant swelling and subsiding noise is as much a part of urban life as the pulse of a body. The sounds of the city are our constant companions, they stimulate and stress us, while we usually only perceive them in the background of our consciousness. Silence becomes a luxury good, the experience of which is linked to places of sublime tranquillity, such as museums or meditation centers. Creative life in the big city embodies this paradox most strongly, an oscillation between the desire to expose oneself to the urban hustle and bustle and the need to retreat into the silence of the creative process. The joint exhibition by three project spaces from the three sister cities of Berlin, Los Angeles and Mexico City, features works by artists who deal with the duality of noise and silence in very different ways. Like a living organism, each of these three metropolises has a unique essence that determines the size and nature of its soundscape and shapes the work of the artists living there. Coinciding with 48 hours Neukölln, the show is also part of the B-LA-M festival, which takes place from June 27 until July 14, 2024 in Berlin. B-LA-M aims to deepen the connections between the independent artistic communities of Berlin, LA and Mexico City. 18 art initiatives and collectives from the three cities will collaborate in trios to develop and realize exhibitions together.The city-wide exhibitions will be accompanied by a transdisciplinary program featuring screenings, performances, talks, guided tours, and more.


Künstlerkollektive guadalajara90210, Mexico City, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles und HilbertRaum, Berlin

guadalajara90210 is a project dedicated to contemporary art with venues in Mexico City and Guadalajara (MX). It explores new exhibition formats through the organization of projects.
Tiger Strikes Asteroid (LA) is part of a non-profit network of independently programmed, artist-run exhibition spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Greenville, SC.
HilbertRaum (Berlin) is run by a group of 20 Berlin-based artists, who take turns curating and organizing two-week exhibitions throughout the entire year. Our projects cover a broad range of art, from painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation, screenings, lectures to performance.


Reuterstr. 31
12047 Berlin



Barrierefreier Zugang Barrierefreie Toilette