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Scenography like a Musical Instrument -Song Offerings-

Mikako Kura, Eszter Parragi

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00 – 30 June 2024 19:00
We are imperfect, liars, and fakes.
Our sad bodies…
In this chaotic world, art should not remain silent.
Within our unconscious lies the memory of beauty existing in this world. It is also present within our bodies. We can find branches resembling the shape of our spines in the forest, and touching dry leaves can remind us of the beautiful hands of our grandmothers. We are also a part of the principles of nature.
That memory exists for us to contemplate life, death, loneliness, and love.

Mikako Kura creates a “Fake Musical Instrument" based on her unconscious memories of beauty. "Fake Musical Instrument" has sheet music, which is a poem written by Mikako Kura for that. Based on the poem, the performer Eszter Parragi plays the “Fake Musical Instrument", and the performance is completed.
This time, we will use a “Gramophone of Wind” that records and reproduces the movement of the wind. Through this, we hope to sigh at the cosmic loneliness of all living beings.

Coincidence or necessity, we meet in this universe. Life and death over and over again, flowing like a river, like a drifting object, like sand that keeps blowing in the wind, adventurously, we meet again and again, and we part again and again.
Is it music or just the wind?
I've probably heard that song. Is it a song I sang long ago, or is it from a distant universe?
In the beautiful silence, I will continue to wander with only the gaze of someone as light.


Mikako Kura, Eszter Parragi

Mikako Kura is a Japanese scenographer, poet, and artist based in Berlin, Germany.
Since 2017, she has been living in Berlin, collaborating with various dancers, artists, composers, and performers in Berlin and other countries. In 2021, she initiated the new project "Scenography like a Musical Instrument".

Eszter Parragi, born in Dombóvár, Hungary, freelance theater maker, performer and author, lives and works in Berlin. She studied Literature, Hungarian Language and History M.A. in Szeged, Hungary and completed her second degree in Dance Studies M.A. at the Free University in Berlin in 2018. Since then, she has been making her projects in the media of dance and theater, film and writing. The connection between word and movement is at the center of her interest.


Hermannstraße 99-105
12051 Berlin

Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin auf dem Neuen St. Jacobi Friedhof




Barrierefreier Zugang