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Jewellery box with city’s secrets

Stefano Loiacono, Camila Piana, Josephine Riemann, Sarah Schultz, Jingwen Yao

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 10:00–22:00 30 June 2024 10:00–19:00
Like a cut diamond, urban silence reflects the multifaceted realities of city life, echoing existential dilemmas of purpose, freedom, and solitude. This recalls Sartre's concept of individual responsibility within the vast expanse of existence. Upon lifting the lid of this intricate jewellery box, you are immediately drawn into its depths.
Inside this ornate box, time waltzes both graceful and agonising, revealing treasures of forgotten catastrophes, erased communities, traditions lost to the sands of time, unsolved crimes and enigmas, and whispered horrors from both ancient and recent epochs. Delving deeper, the luminous glow of personal tales comes forth. In every heartbeat and shadow, stories shimmer — dreams wrapped in whispers, solitary battles, moments of silent reflection, each tale an existential journey of personal meaning and confrontation with one's essence.
These intimate tales, strung together like delicate chains, infuse the city with more than just structure — they breathe life, spirit, and soul. And when these gems unite, they sculpt a radiant and profound societal narrative. Here, the postmodern pulse is palpable. In its sprawling complexity, the city doesn't offer a monolithic truth. Beneath the city's bustling facade, in the quieter corners, vibrant subcultures and communities thrive, often unseen, like underground music or art scenes. This collective, decentralised heartbeat of the city, though often muted, resonates powerfully, becoming a testimony to both the unity and the multiplicity inherent in urban life. It champions fragmented stories, decentralised voices, and subverted norms, all of which challenge traditional grand narratives — a cityscape echoing Derrida's concept of “differance", where meaning is constantly deferred, shifted, and reinterpreted. This collective cadence, though often muted, resonates, echoing unity, challenges, and the very essence of community. In silence, there are treasures for everyone to be found.


Stefano Loiacono, Camila Piana, Josephine Riemann, Sarah Schultz, Jingwen Yao

2chairs artspace, a nonprofit project established in Berlin in May 2020, focuses on the inclusion into the art world of emerging artists, who have succeeded in another career before committing themselves to the artistic practice. The project pursuits to get visibility and create a supportive environment for the development of 2chairs artists to encourage them to tell their diverse stories that undoubtedly inspire people around the globe to follow their passion. The multicultural project team of Berlin-based artists with diversified career backgrounds contributes to major Berlin events.


Lenaustrasse 5
12047 Berlin

Lenaustraße Festival / DirectNetworkStudio


Barrierefreier Zugang