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Klaus-Uwe Seelmann

28 June 2024 20:30–23:00 29 June 2024 13:00–22:00 30 June 2024 13:00–19:00
SILENCE INSIDE is an interactive experience space in which visitors can establish direct contact with their own inner space of silence through intuitive, performative interventions and have a spontaneous, contemplative experience in the middle of an urban space.

In these challenging times, we need less entertainment that dulls our senses and more insight about ourselves as human beings. Insight arises through an evolutionary evolving consciousness that transcends the limitations of ego, fear and beliefs. Only when we understand and experience our spiritual nature will we have the crucial momentum to make the necessary paradigm shift out of our materialistic world view that limits us.

SILENCE INSIDE is an invitation to pause and enter into the immediate, spontaneous experience and resonance of deep silence. On the one hand by contemplating the exhibited artworks, on the other hand by immersing oneself in the frequency of the staged space of silence. Silence does not mean the absence of noise, but rather the spiritual dimension of being human, the source of all being, which can be experienced continually. This inner silence is eternal, while all phenomena within it appear fleeting.

SILENCE INSIDE sees itself as an artistic healing space that is created interactively with visitors from moment to moment. Entering the frequency of the primal source is profoundly healing.

SILENCE INSIDE is an invitation to perceive the greatest human resource, inner silence.


Klaus-Uwe Seelmann

Klaus-Uwe Seelmann regards his installations, performances, as well as his drawings and paintings, as artistic consciousness interventions in public spaces and in the vastness of the Internet.

His works reflect the being and becoming of humans on their evolutionary journey of consciousness through our multidimensional reality. With appropriate humor, he aims to present a larger and expanded image of human existence beyond existing assumptions and paradigms.

He is a Meisterschüler at the Art Academy Düsseldorf and looks back on over 40 years of artistic creation and exhibition activity. He has decades of experience as a consciousness researcher and has been a meditation teacher for 27 years.


Karl-Marx-Straße 149
12043 Berlin

Colibriberlin - Raum für Körperarbeit