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Silent Noise. Contemplation

Anna Stri & Federica Fugazzi

Barrierefreier Zugang Barrierefreie Toilette
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 11:00–20:00
"Silence is not the absence of sounds,
it is a sacred form of listening,
an individual act of will, possible everywhere"
In the city, choosing silence means turning your attention inward with the intent of listening to the rustle of the wind, the falling snow, the birds singing, the kitten purring happily...Here and now.
Firefighters whizzing by with sirens blaring, people chatting in the street, a dog barking, bells ringing, a baby crying, cars honking...
Now, all is silence!
It’s in silence that we are able to love and live in the city.
We also worked on the idea that silence is closely connected to space, stillness, and time.
We are used to imagining a silent place as an empty, vast space. On the contrary, a crowd in a small space is perceived as noisy unless it is completely still. Everything and every being in stillness is perceived as silence, and stillness speaks about absence of time.
Without movement time disappears, and silence becomes eternity.
So we wandered in the city, listened, recorded what we listened to, and transformed it into a soundtrack with the collaboration of the musician George Tian.
We interviewed "Silence", we meditated, we explored movements that emerged in our bodies reacting to certain sounds, we danced...
What came out of it is a sensory experience through images, videos, sounds, and dance, in a space that completely surrounds and that guides the viewers into a contemplative, meditative realm, where we hope to inspire a deeper connection with the concept of silence.
We incorporate this with live performances!
It’s a performance where dancers will explore how the body react to certain sounds or the absence of them, in what is called an Ode to dance!
Dancers: Federica Fugazzi, Yuan Hongwei, Michelle Jiménez Lora
Live performance on:
28.06.2024 @8 pm
29.06.2024 @2pm and @5 pm

Everything is silence, everything can become silence!
"Clomp, clomp, clomp
I am silent while I walk,
Little birds flying around
Cip, cip, cip"


Anna Stri & Federica Fugazzi

Anna Stri and Federica Fugazzi are two Artists whose paths crossed in Berlin in the summer of 2023. Inspired by their shared passion for Art, they immediately began collaborating on various creative projects.
Both have an academic background in Product Design, but have developed in different artistic directions.
Anna Stri is a Photographer, Video Artist and Graphic Designer, while Federica Fugazzi is a Product Designer, theatrical Costume Designer and Set Designer. Additionally, Federica is involved in Contemporary Dance, Hip-Hop, and Performance Art.


Harzer Str. 39
12059 Berlin

FabLab Neukölln


+49 157 58246166


Barrierefreier Zugang Barrierefreie Toilette