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Deborah Dammasch

28 June 2024 19:00–23:55 29 June 2024 13:00–23:55 30 June 2024 13:00–19:00
At dusk, between day and night, time freezes on the streets of the metropolis. The bustling city grows quieter and slower in the twilight.

Senses sharpen amidst the fractured light, the perception of colours and shapes shifts. In this transient period of time, Deborah Dammasch discovers a fascinating beauty in Berlin's everyday architecture.

Through experimental acrylic painting, she distills light and atmosphere into the fleeting uniqueness of the moment.

What appears rundown or rough during the day transforms at the beginning of the night. The city settles into the silence of Berlin's streets. The reduced urban life feels suspended in motion.

As darkness approaches, Berlin street art comes to life. Graffiti leaves traces on the architectural backdrop.

For Deborah Dammasch, it's a heartfelt endeavor to perceive and capture these special moments as testimonies of time - until a new day begins, slowly, in the twilight.


Deborah Dammasch

Deborah Dammasch studied architecture in Hannover. After spending several years in Spain and Australia, she moved to Berlin in 2011.

Since the birth of her daughter, she creates ink illustrations, some of them are autobiographical. The motto "I draw – I am" became a survival strategy in 2023 during a crisis, resulting in a distinctive drawing style.

Another artistic branch comprises semi-abstract acrylic paintings, exploring the focused perception of nature and architecture. Special attention is given to the study of Berlin's large housing estates. Her affection for their roughness and complexity was demonstrated in a series of works on the Highdecksiedlung as part of 48h NK 2019.


Sonnenallee 92
12045 Berlin

Kindl Stuben


+49 30 12 36 77 70