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Silent Emotions: Berlin Urbanity between Noise and Sorrow

Camilo Castiblanco

Barrierefreie Toilette
28 June 2024 19:00–23:59 29 June 2024 10:00–23:59 30 June 2024 10:00–19:00
In the midst of the vibrant neighborhood of Neukölln, the project titled "Silent Emotions: Berlin Urbanity between Noise and Sorrow" by Colombian artist Camilo Castiblanco explores the spaces between anonymity and isolation in the capital, particularly in Berlin's public transportation. "Silent Emotions" invites viewers to see the city through the eyes of its residents by presenting exclusive interviews. These personal stories in public transportation reflect the diversity of Berlin experiences with urban silence, even in more sensitive moments like crying on the train. Why are people who cry alone in public transportation left in peace, and how does public weeping confront silence? Where is the warmth in the city? Is there an escape from this coldness?

The centerpieces of the project, which was created for this year's festival, are a captivating auditory installation and a large-scale painting presented in the event space Murx at Karl-Marx-Straße 282. The proximity to the Grenzallee subway station creates a unique connection to urban mobility and the often overlooked moments of silence in the urban context. Encouraged by the festival theme, visitors can linger in the space and, accompanied by the painting, listen to various audio recordings – from moving interviews to captured urban sounds of the capital. The project's intention is to create a deeper connection between Berliners and the city. "Silent Emotions" aims to invite reflection through artistic engagement and involve the Berlin community in a dialogue about the presence of silence in the urban context. The interviews shape the work and confer it a profound dimension.


Camilo Castiblanco

Camilo Castiblanco (*1994 in Bogotá, lives in Berlin) is an artist, art mediator, and theorist. His artistic practice spans between painting and drawing. His works in painting are characterized by an experimental use of colors and forms, adopting a figurative approach. Castiblanco's work as an art mediator blends with his role as an artist, allowing participatory concepts to be tested in his artistic projects. As a theorist, he engages with performance and explores the political potential of art.


Karl-Marx-Straße 282
12057 Berlin



Barrierefreie Toilette