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teleidoscope. the melting mirror

Sarah Oh-Mock, Bongjun Oh & 36 others

23 June 2023 19:00–22:00 24 June 2023 10:00–22:00 25 June 2023 10:00–19:00
The functionality of a teleidoscope - similar to a kaleidoscope, it reflects a distorted, fragmented, playfully surreal mirror image of the environment - is symbolically transferred to the oMo artspace. There, the viewer finds an absurd, colourful, diverse walk-in spatial installation in which exterior and interior, present and past mix, interchange, turn around and stand on their heads. The surroundings of the studio and project space are surreally alienated. Döner shops, neon signs, art events, barber shops, bus stops, Spätis, betting shops, exhibitions, corona test centers, Asian snack bars, flashing open signs, colorful patchwork rugs, artificial grass, graffiti, dream corners and paradises, mirrors, dirt, little temples, children, neighbors, nail studios, shisha bars, slot machines, traffic, food, kitsch and trash - but also art, from our spatial environment, but also the imaginary of the oMo artspace, our friends and their artistic work. The installation should make fun and connect: the inside and outside, us again with our spatial and artistic environment.

participating artists:

Sascha Appelhoff
Marlene Bart
Ulu Braun
Natalie Brück
Ryo Endo
Muriel Gallardo Weinstein
Lena von Goedeke
Florian Bong-Kil Grosse
Euna Gu
Franziska Harnisch
Chrizzi Heinen
Kathrin Hunze
Daniela Imhoff
Frank Jung
Aneta Kajzer
Elena Kaludova
Taehwan Kang
Simon Kloppenburg
Sandra Krause-Gomez
Niina Lehtenon-Braun
Judith Leinen
Christoph Medicus
Jenny Michel
David Mildner
Johannes Moeller
Bongjun Oh
Jonah Cori Oh
Sarah Oh-Mock
Marc Pospiech
Franz-Xaver Prechtl
Lee Puckett
Julia Charlotte Richter
Vadim Schäffler
Anke Schiemann
Susanne Schmitt
Samantha Sethi
Ann Schomburg
Dagmar Schürrer
Becky Sellinger
Trancey Snelling
Peter Strickmann
Anna-Lena Tsutsui
Lina Walde
Julia Lia Walter
Bettina Weiß
Daniel Wiesenfeld
Daniel Windisch
Hyejeong Yun

installation and concept:

Sarah Oh-Mock und Bongjun Oh


Sarah Oh-Mock, Bongjun Oh & 36 others

Sarah Oh-Mock and Bongjun Oh, both studied visual artists, work on their own as well as joint projects and have been running the oMo artspace since 2016. Sarah Oh-Mock's surrealistic video works, installations, objects, photographs and drawings deal with the relationships between culture, the artificiality of urban places, nature and the unconscious. Bongjun Oh's expansive installations reflect his interest in both painting and sculpture. He likes to work with old and found material and put it in new relationships. The planned installation will be implemented by both of them together. Works of 36 other artists, which are located in the real as well as friendship surroundings of the oMo artspace, will be integrated into the installation.


Hertzbergstr. 14
12055 Berlin

oMo artspace