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  • Visual Art

Textile Stories of Silence in the City

Vivian Christlein

28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 14:00–22:00 30 June 2024 13:00–18:00
The theme of "Urban Silence" triggered a number of stories and pictures for me. As a textile designer in a Jacquard weaving mill I would like to implement these into textiles.
1. "The early morning silence after a night full of conversations": 2 window images are repeated in the fabric,- one with a view on a balcony with empty armchairs and nature in the background and one with a blind overlooking the street. The fabric is given rhythm by the horizontal lines of the blind alterning with the balcony view.
Woven on a dark warp (vertical threads), with 4 colours in the weft (horizontal thrads) and a high density it was possible to weave a very natural scenery, a bit like painted.
2."Lost and regained poetry": A homeless person has put his camp under an elegant writing under big lamps in the Berlin Underground.
I emphasized the beauty of the writing by using a thick shiny viscose yarn, which looks like it was embroidered. The enchanting atmosphere of the light on the place is created by an additional lurexyarn.
3. A screen of surveillance cameras as an anonymous silent observer:
in the rainy night the artificial light looks like a science fiction scenery.
The box-like arrangement of the views is a pattern itself and inspired me to make a fabric out of it.
4. The lonely Shanghai train station during Corona times will adorn the big window in the Föllerei.
The exhibition is supplemented with matching collages.


Vivian Christlein

I have been working in a jacquard weaving mill in Upper Franconia, formerly Müller Zell, now Vescom Textiles for over 23 years.As a courtesy, I am allowed to use the machines for the Berlin festival topursue my own personal ambitions. Te "Föllerei" restaurant has given me the opportunitiy to present my textiles every year since 2012 as part of the 48hNeuKölln Festival.
Since 2023 I'm member of the Gedok.
2020 I had the chance to exhibit nearly all my fabrics I did for Berlin in the Textilemuseum in Helmbrechts.


Weichselstrasse 30
12045 Berlin