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Unseen Voices: Unveiling Silence in Urban Design

Bridget Moy O'Brien

28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 11:00–19:00 30 June 2024 11:00–19:00
Built environments reflect the values of the societies that build them - including the hierarchies of power and inequality that exist in the society. For many of our urban environments, the decision-makers and ‘typical urban citizens’ have overwhelmingly been men.

‘Unseen Voices: Unveiling Silence in Urban Design’ is an audio-visual spatial installation that exposes a profound silence within urban space: an enduring neglect of the voices of women in urban design.

O’Brien uses documentary footage and experimental film to draw the viewer into a landscape which intentionally creates spaces that are awkward and uncomfortable to navigate. In a carefully curated set built by French visual artist and designer Lucie Eon, the viewer is invited to question: how does it feel to inhabit a space that is not built for your body? What is it like to navigate an environment when you are not considered in the design?

Through video projections, displays and sound, ‘Unseen Voices’ discusses the repercussions of gender bias in urban design.

As cities evolved in the industrial and post-industrial era, urban planning was strongly shaped by capitalist and patriarchal foundations. This produced spaces that neglect and ignore the needs of women and minorities. From policies to transit systems, housing to public spaces; historical gendered ideas continue to perpetuate in urban infrastructure and environments.

Exploring this neglect will help us to create future urban environments that are more equitable, inclusive and beneficial for all.


Bridget Moy O'Brien

Bridget Moy O’Brien is an interdisciplinary artist and designer whose work merges together her backgrounds in architecture and filmmaking. Her artistic exploration centres on themes of belonging, identity, and a commitment to amplifying the narratives of the queer community and women of colour. Drawing from her Chinese-Malaysian and Irish-Australian heritage, her work is both reflective of and shaped by these diverse threads.

Utilising experimental film, video projection, and spatial installation, O’Brien creates provocative mixed-media environments that aim to challenge the norm and spotlight diversity.


Weserstrasse 168
12045 Berlin

Backhaus Projects