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CLOUD 9 / OPEN STUDIO / preview


Fr., 28.06. 19:00–23:00 Uhr
OPEN STUDIO preview of CLOUD 9
painting series of 2022 / 23

& a chat with Bard (as sound) about the uncertainty principle of the universe.

online previews:

CLOUD 9 / 2022 / 23

Klaus Hu currently paints cloud formations, found above his studio in Berlin the last several years. Some recorded, some stored in the archive. Lets not be simple to confuse cloud painting and storytelling. Imagination is the one source, translation is the other. Towards each cloud, a small story will evolve. The first have been filed under the "uncanny”. How the series will unfold, cannot be predicted, but for sure it will be clouds recorded from above the studio space in Berlin, delivering poetic or prose like short stories towards each chapter. Clouds have a fleeting and ephemeral consistency, neither representing a subject. Their appearance taking any shape let them become the ideal projection of transit states. This work series does not dream of escapism, but after a content loaded work period, this interim work series provides calm and frenzy for an ambiguity of interpretations. Each cloud even seemingly bears its own timeframe for truth and fiction. And for reflection. You are welcome.

On 22 Dec 2023 out of curiosity, Klaus Hu had a chat with Bard Google chatbot about the uncertainty principle of the universe, electromagnetic charges and the possibility of black holes acting as a "stir" in the fabric for continuous creation and destruction, and thus eliminating black matter or energy as theoretical concept for accelerated expansion. This was its responses to his questions and speculations:

# 1. How is uncertainty interwoven in the universe, I mean the cosmos´ pattern and its fabric?

The full chat with Bard will be delivered as sound during the OPEN STUDIO and can be downloaded as .pdf for free (60 pages) via google drive > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JxAZ3OknGu7R3hPnp8m-aFKCXHMBLq7J/view



KLAUS HU, works mainly in PAINTING, drawing and photographic research, with extended practice on site specific and curatorial concepts.

His main subjects address landscape and land use in both terrestrial and extraterrestrial territories, by the help of digital and archival sources.

He has self published 6 books on painting / photography.

His education was in anthropology, Germanic and Romance studies / literature at University of Heidelberg 1982 / 83 and at University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) from 1985 / 1991, and 1998 / 99.

In 1992 he received the Berlin Senate fellowship / working grant for 1 year and more recently a studio grant / residency at Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico, USA in 2013.


12045 Berlin



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