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h2o berlin

Mija Jung

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Sa., 29.06. 12:00–19:00 Uhr So., 30.06. 12:00–19:00 Uhr
Please come to the exhibition at h2o berlin.

We will have an installation that consists of expanded paintings.

Their abstract paintings of internal body parts in comparison to natural disasters, create architectural spaces through various displays to empower the observers. The observers can touch, move and rearrange the paintings. The abstraction of disoriented brains, veins and organs are compared to city environmental pollution. They reinterpret colors as a protagonist to overcome personal issues of pain, discomfort, and gender struggles. The painted blankets, grids, capes and curtains through various scales of painting create surfaces that look like architecture. They display the pieces back to back to fill the wall like wallpaper. Floor pieces are like tiles or puzzles on a grid, or over a body as gender fluid. Self healing through touching of the paintings by covering and re-stacking challenges the conventional role of painting, not only as an artifact but also as therapy.


Mija Jung

Mija Jung ist eine interdisziplinäre Malerin mit Sitz in New York und Berlin. Ihre Farbabstraktionen durch die konstruierten Räume stärken die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter. Mija erlangte einen MFA und BFA in Malerei, die Hongik University außerdem einen MFA der Rutgers University. Mija gewann den Visual Art Award der AHLFoundation, CityCorpsGrant, NY, den EllisElizabethAward, NJ und den MBCGrandArtAward, Seoul und TaktResidency, Berlin. Sie stellten im C24, AHL, Yards, im NewYorkArtsCenter, in der RobertMiller Gallery und im SocratesSculpturePark, NY aus; Hyundai und Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul; KleineHumboldtGalerie, GalerieNord und Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, um nur einige zu nennen.


Lichtenrader strasse 17A
Ground Floor
12049 Berlin

h2o berlin




Barrierefreier Zugang
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