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48 times waiting

Natalia Irina Roman

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00 – 30 June 2024 19:00
»48 times waiting« is a mixed media installation that explores the various aspects of waiting in Neukölln through images and text, in collaboration with BVG. It delves into the experience of waiting amidst the subway noise of the city.

The installation focuses on the diverse narratives of people waiting in Neukölln in various ways. Who waits in Neukölln? What are their reasons for waiting? How does waiting for the subway differ from awaiting an upcoming event? How does waiting intersect with feelings of uncertainty? What activities occupy people while they wait? Is waiting a silent or loud experience? Does waiting have poetic qualities? What roles do BVG control posts play? What do these spaces signify? How might they transform everyday commuting experiences? How can they be repurposed as art spaces? What opportunities do these spaces hold for Berlin and its commuters? 48 people answer these questions in Neukölln.

The former BVG control posts exhibit eclectic architectures, reflecting different historical periods and tailored to their respective subway stations. Although decommissioned twenty years ago, some currently accommodate BVG personnel, such as ticket inspectors, security officers, and train conductors, for brief breaks. Many remain unused. Could these dormant spaces be awaiting transformation into art spaces?

The exhibition features a participatory event at the subway titled »learning how to wait«, inviting the public to join a collective waiting exercise. The meeting point is on June 29th at 14:00 (bring a small literature book), at 13:50 Uhr in front of CANK.


Natalia Irina Roman

Artist, city researcher, since 2006 in Berlin. Background: Fine Arts, Public Policy and Art Research. Solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad (selected): "in-ner transit", RCI New York City (2024), "Invisible Strings", participatory installation in public space in Berlin for Urbane Praxis Netzwerk e. V. (2023); large scale installations for Reinbeckhallen for the festival Kunst am Spreeknie (2014), for 48H Neukölln at Prachtsaal Neukölln (2012) and for Peter-Behrens-Halle (2010). Initiative Along the Lines (since 2017): transforming interlocking towers into art spaces for the train passengers, in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (HKF funding), including art in public space and university classes at Bauhaus University Weimar and UdK. Instagram: @sitespecificideas


Karl-Marx-Straße 83
12043 Berlin

Zugabfertigerraum am U-Bahnhof Rathaus Neukölln


Barrierefreier Zugang