48 Stunden Neukölln - Rückblick

48 Stunden Neukölln - Rückblick - Media Bricks
Himalayan Air - Mohamed Badarne // Foto: Mohamed Badarne
Odem - Katrin Wegemann // Foto: Ines Borchart
Krise - aus der Luft schaffen - Gemeinschaftsausstellung // Foto: Albrecht Mariz
We Air Wellness+Educational Center - Div. Künstler // Foto: Anne Freitag
Luftdurchlässig - Vivian Christlein // Foto: Vivian Christlein
Hidden People - Maria+Natalia Petschatnikov // Foto: Ines Borchart
OmaOm on Fire - Keramikaze Kollektiv // Foto: Anne Freitag
AEROSOL - Sarah Steiner / Fliegender Teppich - Salah Saouli // Foto: Sina Giencke
Es könnte nur ein Traum sein - Kacper Wereski, Sarah Schimke, Zuzanna Czajkowska // Foto: Willy Winzer
  • It was a blast 2021!

    We did not know exactly how the festival would eventually take place. So the joy was great when everyone realized that more normality was possible. Despite the heat, there was a lightness in the streets of Neukölln, and it showed you clearly how important art is for all of us, especially in difficult times.
    Thanks to all who were there on this June weekend!


  • Festival theme 2022

    Dear friends of art,

    After the festival is before the festival and, as always, everything begins with the search for a festival theme. We are looking forward to ideas, thoughts and visions for 48 HOURS OF NEW COLOGNE 2022. Feel free to send your theme suggestions to: 48stunden@kulturnetzwerk.de. In a meeting with local initiatives, artists and galleries, the proposals and submissions will be discussed. The creator of the chosen theme will be published by name, should a theme be adopted directly. We are already very excited and looking forward to the festival 2022!

    Best regards,
    the 48hNK team



  • 48 Stunden Nowosibirsk

    The program of the 48h Novosibirsk, taking place from October 17 to 19, is fixed: http://48-hours-nsk.com. And the 48h Neukölln are also part of it: In the exhibition Luft/Air at ZK19, eight selected positions of this year's program will be shown and interpreted in different ways: as essence of our existence, medium of our perception, boundless space, divine breath or scene of ecological catastrophes. The group exhibition at ZK19 shows selected video works, photographs, installations and interventions and offers visitors a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary view of the subject of air.