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Paulina Muñoz and Michaël Attias

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 20:20–21:21 29 June 2024 11:11–12:12 30 June 2024 11:11–12:12
About the Performance:
Exploring Urban Silence is an immersive journey through an intimate collaboration between dancer Paulina Muñoz and saxophonist Michaël Attias, where they delve into the theme of finding stillness amidst the noise of city life. Through improvisation, they navigate the bustling soundscape of urban environments, seeking moments of tranquility within the chaos.
The performance explores the contrast between the noise of the city and the quiet spaces within it, reflecting on how these contrasts shape our experiences and perceptions of urban life.
Exploring Urban Silence invites the audience reflect on their own relationship with noise and tranquility and the relationship between chaos and stillness in their own lives, as they observe the interplay between movement and music on stage.
As Muñoz moves gracefully across the stage, responding to the rhythms of Attias' saxophone, the audience is transported into the heart of the city. Through their performance, the artists seek to evoke a sense of urban ambiance, while also creating moments of peace and reflection.
Audience Experience:
Oasis in an invitation to introspection and reflection on one’s own experiences of urban life. It offers a unique opportunity to pause and appreciate the quiet moments amidst the hustle of the city.

Join us on a journey into the heart of the city, where silence is not the absence of noise, but rather, the space between the notes.


Paulina Muñoz and Michaël Attias

Paulina Muñoz is a dynamic and expressive dancer whose artistic journey is guided by a deep curiosity for movement exploration and improvisation. As an emerging young artist, Paulina's dance journey encompasses a wide range of diverse experiences. She delves into the fusion of music, psychology, and movement, thereby expanding her understanding of interdisciplinary connections.

Michaël Attias has earned a reputation as one of the most curious and highly cooperative personalities in the 21st-century New York jazz and improvised music scene. His background and perspective, according to the New York Times, make him "a distinctly cosmopolitan saxophonist and composer."


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Barrierefreier Zugang