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Mariona Berenguer

28 June 2024 19:00 – 30 June 2024 19:00
In a poetic and critical manner, Mariona Berenguer examines the position of
(artistic) labour in our society. Today, work no longer only serves to secure livelihoods and satisfy needs, but acts as a source of self-esteem and self-fulfilment — not least through the redemption from guilt and debt.
Through sculptural, textile, graphic, and installative means, Redemption Maybe reflects on the value and belief systems that underpin our working culture and the creative, physical, and expressive forces that haunt it.


Mariona Berenguer

Barcelona-born, Berlin-based artist Mariona Berenguer trained in sculpture at the Escola Massana (Barcelona) and studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Berenguer works in a multidisciplinary way, especially in the field of installations and playfully with different elements such as light, image and movement.
In her work, Berenguer poses questions such as: How do working conditions and funding structures affect artistic freedom? And what does it mean to work as a woman in art?


Karl-Marx-Str. 141
12043 Berlin

Galerie im Saalbau


030 90239 3772