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Silent Letters

Carla Botzenhardt

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 12:00–22:00 30 June 2024 12:00–19:00
Writing is mankind's greatest invention. For over 5000 years, we have been recording our thoughts using small characters. A letter is a sound, sounds become words, words become stories. Over time, the sounds fade, alphabets are forgotten, characters become silent.
What is a letter without a sound? It is pure form, a form with a beauty that lives on when its sound has faded and its meaning has been forgotten.

The Silent Letters celebrate this beauty of alphabets that are no longer used or are reserved for non-everyday spheres such as liturgy.
New textures and weaves can be created from historically unique characters. Repetition gives structure. An image, a new language emerges.

The Silent Letters invite you on a journey through time and space. Letters from all regions and times are newly interwoven: From Phoenician, the mother of alphabets, to Indian Brahmi, Meroitic, Glagolitic and South Arabic. The Litterae Ignotae of Hildegard von Bingen are represented among the Silent Letters, as are Latin abbreviations and Old English letters.


Carla Botzenhardt

Carla Botzenhardt has been working with language and writing for years and tries to get to the bottom of the fascination of words and letters with free calligraphy. Her aim is to move away from content and legibility and to give space and new contexts to the unique aesthetics of historically evolved signs.
She also creates woven 3D objects and works with graphics and painting.
She has been rooted in Berlin-Neukölln for over 20 years and lives and works in the district.


Rollbergstraße 30
3. OG
12053 Berlin

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Barrierefreier Zugang