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The cities I wear

Daphne Rüde, Luna Weis, Stephanie Rüde

28 June 2024 19:00–23:59 29 June 2024 10:00–19:00 30 June 2024 10:00–19:00
“It is only in becoming aware of the invisible boundaries of the city that we can challenge them.[...]We claim our right to disturb the peace, to observe (or not observe), to occupy (or not occupy) and to organise (or disorganised) space on our own terms.” (Elkin, 2016: 288)

In response to the oxymoron question of silence in urban space, Daphne Rüde, Stephanie Rüde und Luna Weis reflect critically and through a feminist - queer perspective on the role of silence and urban sound in their bodily, multisensory experience of the city. For the three artists space and sound – even silence – are not neutral, but issues associated with diverse meanings, feelings, barriers and prejudices or states of freedom and joy. Silence in urban space can be a peaceful, empowering feeling, a shelter. But it can also be terrifying, a reason to feel unsafe, exposed. Urban sounds on the other hand, can be confusing or disturbing, but also a sign of a living city, a way to blend in the crowd, to stay anonymous, to move around freely.

In the exhibition, the three artists use different media such as photography, stitching and sound installation to narrate stories, thoughts and different perspectives on the topic of urban silence. Through their works, they aim to create space for the representation of FLINTA-voices and experiences, which confront and stage the political and cultural meanings and associations around the complex issue of urban sound space.

The exhibition “The cities I wear” is a collective effort to see and hear ourselves either in silence or in the noisy city or cities we live, walk, listen and move around.

In cooperation with the event factory of the S27 Bildungsmanufaktur”. The S27 Bildungsmanufaktur event factory is funded by: Senate


Daphne Rüde, Luna Weis, Stephanie Rüde

Daphne Rüde (she/her) is a freelance curator and cultural thinker. Focus of her practice is the challenge of normative, particularly heteronormative structures integrated into the art and wider public sphere. As an artist herself, she showed her photographic work in the exhibition “We must pool our memos” at the Ortstermin festival (2023) in Moabit, Berlin.
Stefanie Rüde (she/her) is an independent multi-media artist. She specializes in woodwork, photography and installation.
Luna Weis (she/her) focus lies in questioning social role models and implications of femininity. Her means of expression are dancing, photography, poetry and curatorial work. She toured as a contemporary dancer through Europe with the piece “Unkraut” choreographed by Doris Uhlich.


Ziegrastraße 1

12057 Berlin

Falscher Fisch