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Attention Deficit Deception

Marek Höpel

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 11:00–22:00 30 June 2024 11:00–19:00
When I was first introduced to this year's theme, I immediately had to ask myself, "To what extent is 'urban silence' attainable in a city that is so studded with commerce and advertising? And also, to whom will it be beneficial?"
Noise creates capital, whereas silence is mostly not so profitable. Well, renting out housing in a quiet neighborhood would usually be more lucrative than in a noisy one. But then again, to whom will it benefit? More or less exclusively to the ones fortunate enough to afford it.
Often, these are not the ones who could use some silence the most. People with forms of neurodiversity, for example, are often left behind in the capitalist performance society and react very sensitively to the many noises and stimuli of the big city. In my analysis of the topic, however, I did not focus on noise in its literal meaning. As a visual artist, I was more drawn to street advertising, which often takes up huge chunks of our field of vision and thus creates a sort of "visual noise"
that is especially prevalent in urban areas. A kind of noise, that the majority of us remains helplessly exposed to.
Advertising has evolved, changed platforms for presenting itself, appropriated social discourse for its appeal, and steadily managed to embed itself deeper and deeper into our language and culture. It's come to a point where we've, almost in a surrendering fashion, accepted it seeping into every aspect of our daily lives. We don't question its inevitability in public spaces anymore. As we're slowly becoming numb to advertising, my idea is to portray its detrimental effects in a very obvious and overwhelming, one might call it grotesque, fashion.


Marek Höpel

In my work, I express the chaos that surrounds me on a daily basis.
Recurring themes that I research and process are primarily feelings such as being overwhelmed, confused or restless. I associate them with the fast pace and overfeeding of information in today's world.
However, I also like expressing a courageous, rebellious character. Audacity, curiosity and uncompromising
skepticism towards everything that appears to be untouchable.


Elsenstr. 52
2. HH
12059 Berlin





Barrierefreier Zugang