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CELL:LAPSE - Connection through Condensation

Anna Rezzolla & Anna Scheibner

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 10:00–22:00 30 June 2024 10:00–18:00
CELL:LAPSE - Connection through condensation

Hasty steps on an escalator: a jumble of voices; the loud crunching sound of the iron rails; the train stops; a cluster of people; odours; hustle; unwanted contact.

Air escapes, you skip a breath.

A panic attack is looming, like a car accident - but in slow motion.

CELL:LAPSE - Connection through condensation, is conceived as a barrier-free, multimedia, interactive large-scale installation (4m x 6m x 3m) and is reminiscent of an abstract auricle or eardrum. The installation opens up to the audience sideways and spreads out into space like a spiral, culminating into a transparent wave-like center. This glass-like central artefact is made of transparent, corrugated plastic, into which loudspeakers are built, emitting various sound collages.

Muscle-fiber-like foam clouds float through the installations interior, which can be set in wave-like motion by pulling ropes and threads. Loudspeakers are also embedded in these clouds, reproducing sound loops.

Ropes are distributed throughout the interior of the Installation while artefacts from the sphere of urban life (telephone, spray can, keys, etc.) are attached to their ends.
By pulling the ropes and entering the space, the audience can determine the shape of the CELL:LAPSE and thus breathe life into it. If the installation is left untouched, it returns to its chaotic original form.

The initially seemingly opposing concepts of urbanity (the concentrated presence of people) and silence (the complete absence of sound) can be understood and brought together in the measuring unit of density. In physical terms, unlike in space, there is no silence or emptiness because there is no place where we are not surrounded by molecules.

The installation is intended to give an understanding of the fact that we can significantly influence our surroundings.


Anna Rezzolla & Anna Scheibner

Anna Rezzolla, is a non-binary, Italian-German art and costume maker currently based in Berlin.
Rezzolla uses the boundaries of identity, languages and theater as inspiration to explore the limits of the communicable and the absurd. Core elements of the works are disposable products and the conviction that everything can become something new.

Anna Scheibner, born in Berlin in 1998, studied architecture at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences with a focus on sustainability. Since 2020, she has been working at the interface of architecture and visual art with regard to socio-political and socio-cultural issues. The developed spaces make social grievances in public space visible and open them up to a broad discourse.


Elsenstr. 52
2. HH
12059 Berlin





Barrierefreier Zugang