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Guided Tours

This year we are offering over 20 free themed tours for the festival audience in 4 languages along 9 routes from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon - there will be something for everyone! All tours last about 1.5 hours. Registration is not necessary. Our Infopoints will become the meeting points for the respective tours.

circles, squares, corners, moments, for 48 hours im KINDL Kesselhaus

Meeting Point: Kesselhaus, Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin

Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 12pm | English
Sunday | 30.06.2024 | 5pm | Turkish
Sunday | 30.06.2024 | 6pm | German

In three guided tours, curator Canberk Akcal will explain the interweaving of people, big cities and their noise in his exhibition circles, squares, corners, moments, for 48 hours in the KINDL Kesselhaus using the works of art. Please note: Only the first 30 people present can take part in each guided tour!

Kat´s Choice

Meeting Point: Im CANK, Karl-Marx-Str. 95, 12043 Berlin

Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 5:30pm | German and German Sign Language
Sunday | 30.06.2024 | 12pm | Polish

From Claudia von Funcke's video sculpture to the exhibition of the photographer women's collective Herspective with the Berlin music label DUAT, the photo project by Linus Muellerschoen to the snoring installation by Paula Vidal: In Kat's Choice guided tour at CANK, festival director Kat Nowak presents the special program in the former Neukölln C&A building on 4 floors.

Sustainable Neukölln

Meeting Point: In the Körnerpark, Jonasstraße, 12053 Berlin

Friday | 28.06.2024 | 7:30pm | German and German Sign Language
Samstag | 29.06.2024 | 2:30pm | English
Samstag | 29.06.2024 | 5pm | German
Sonntag | 30.06.2024 | 3pm | English

The tour Sustainable Neukölln by Tobi Allers (Berlin Kultour) focuses on projects that address the displacement of cultural and open spaces as an examination of the festival theme “Urban Silence”.

Cultural history tour

Meeting Point: In der Passage; Karl-Marx-Str. 131, 12043 Berlin

Friday | 28.06.2024 | 8pm | German
Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 10am | German
Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 3pm | German
Sunday | 30.06.2024 | 11am | German

In the heart of the district, Reinhold Steinle interweaves his cultural-historical narrative about urban silence in Neukölln with festival art projects along Karl-Marx-Strasse.

Family Art Yard

Meeting Point: Endorphina, Elsenstr. 52, 12059 Berlin

Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 11am | German
Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 1:30pm | German

Tanja Gottsmann's interactive Family Art Yard tour creatively encourages children to come up with their own stories about the art projects and paint them freely. Parents can enjoy a coffee in the cozy backyard during this time.

Signal Tour

Meeting Point: In the Passage; Karl-Marx-Str. 131, 12043 Berlin

Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 4pm | German
Sunday | 30.06.2024 | 12pm | German

Jona's Signal Tour presents attention-grabbing signal projects - from Karl-Marx-Strasse to the Vollguter Gemeinschaftsgarten and Körnerpark.


Meeting Point: Kesselhaus, Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin

Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 2pm | German
Sunday | 30.06.2024 | 4pm | German

On the NaTour, Fiona brings you closer to urban silence in its most natural form. Get involved with works of art that deal with the sounds of nature and the contrast between the city and nature.

Soundwalk with Marcin Dymiter

Meeting Point: In the Körnerpark, Jonasstraße, 12053 Berlin

Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 11am | English
Sunday | 30.06.2024 | 12pm | English
Duration: ca. 45 min

The soundwalk with reading exercises in German and English goes from Körnerpark to Wildenbruchpark. Please note: Only 25 people can take part!

Soundwalk with Bea Targosz

Meeting Point: Kesselhaus, Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin

Saturday | 29.06.2024 | 15pm | German
Duration: 30 min

During the walk we will listen to the local timbres, search for sonic traces, vibrations, with an attempt to widen our perspective on the urban environment and re-discover the neighborhood.