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 48h Neukölln - Kunstfestival 28, 29, 30 Juni 2024

Urban Silence

Exciting, open, courageous and free. This is 48 Stunden Neukölln. An art festival that offers artists of all disciplines places to develop and present their art for 48 hours every year! Here in Neukölln, the district full of possibilities, diverse people, colourful locations and an unbelievably diverse art scene, there is a lot to discover! Come and visit us for the next festival edition from 28 to 30 June 2024 under the theme "Urban Silence" and become part of Berlin's biggest free art festival!


Jury phase

The application phase is now complete and the jury phase has begun. All submitted project ideas will now be read by our jury and checked for compliance with the basic criteria.

This year we received almost 600 applications, so it takes some time to read everything carefully. At the beginning of March, we will inform all artists by e-mail whether their project idea has been selected for this year's festival and who will receive funding.

Festival venues

There was a lot to discover here in June 2023. During the festival, art was not only to be found in galleries, theatres or workshops, but also directly on the street, at the bakery or the kiosk you trust.

Umriss Karte Neukölln