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HERtZBLUT - I bleed music

Miriam Mondshein

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00 – 29 June 2024 00:00 29 June 2024 10:00 – 30 June 2024 00:00 30 June 2024 10:00–19:00
HERtZBLUT “I bleed music” is a transformative project, that allows you to immerse yourself in the synaesthetic perception of Miriam Mondshein and gain an insight into her world of visualisation of music and sounds of all kinds.
The integration of the ancient ritual of bloodletting plays an essential role, as the blood replaces the paint to symbolises the effects of frequencies on fluids wich in this case is the only substance that has the ability to pass through the heart and every part of the body.
Every 3 month period represents a new phase and a season, that brings in new experiences and emotions, which are reflected in the selection of songs and the associated images.
The combination of classical painting and partly digital processing expands the color spectrum and underlines the transformative process from pain to beauty.

A gentle yet profound work that will delight even those who cannot see blood and everyone who’s curious to see WHAT MUSIC LOOKS LIKE.

Friday: 09pm
Saturday: 08pm
Sunday: 04pm


Miriam Mondshein

As a diagnosed synesthete, Miriam Mondshein has perceived the world (since she was born) differently than others.
Hearing, seeing and feeling form a bond that cannot be separated and is active at all time.
Every sound has a color, shape or structure and is associated with an emotion, that in some cases can even be physically perceived.
EVERY sound, EVERY noise and EVERY voice at ANY time.
In her visual art, Miriam brings the images in her head on paper and visualises the compositions of voices, music and sounds of all kinds.

As a DJ and producer with her own label (“Powerful Recordings”), she gives free rein to her fascination for experimental sounds by integrating field recordings, analog and digital sound scapes into her productions and sets.


Herrfurthstr 6a
12049 Berlin



+49 30 60034792


Barrierefreier Zugang